Apr 17, 2021

Market performance often runs counterto speculators' predictions. When this situation happens, successful speculators must abandon their prejudices and follow the performance of the market. Smart speculators don't argue with stock price performance. Remember, the market will neverbewrong, butpersonal opinions are often wrong.

You can only make money by adding in batches on the profitable positions

It's wrong and dangerous to build all positions at a single price.It's better to decide how many shares you want to deal withfirst. A very important thing is that the price of every order of adding positionsshould behigher than the previous one. Of course, the same rule applies to emptying orders.The transaction price of each emptying order must be lower than theprevious one. Making money in every transaction is the proof that your basic judgment is correct. The stock is really going in the right direction. This is the only guarantee that you need. On the contrary, if you are losing money, you know that you are wrong immediately.

Develop your own suitable operating skill, so that you can make money

I find the research on the key points is fascinating. You'll find the golden field of personal research. A successful transaction based on your own judgment will bring you amazingjoy and satisfaction. You will find it more exciting to make money in this way than bylisteningto the reputationor other people's advice. If you trade from your own point of view, be patienct and watch out for dangerous signals, and you will develop a set of appropriate ideas.

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