Jul 03, 2021

People always wonder when the best time is to buy insurance. The answer is that the earlier you buy it, the more cost-effective will be. Since the calculation of the insurance premium rate is related to your age, when buying the same insurance, the younger you are, the lower the premium will be. There are many insurances that provide long-term or even lifetime protection. Therefore, the younger the insured, the longer the protection period.

Many people think now that they don’t have enough fund, they can buy insurance when they have a lot of money, which makes buying insurance gradually become a protracted plan. In fact, insurance premiums are squeezed out at the beginning, and if you spend a small amount of money now, you will have enough money to spend when you get old. Squeezing out some money to buy insurance is equivalent to buying a necessity of life and a guarantee for future life.

Insurance can transfer risks, share losses, implement compensation, mortgage loans, and invest and manage money matters. Insurance is “the continuation of life as well as economy”.

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