Jul 05, 2021

Insurance protects your health. When you get sick, it pays for your medical bills without selling your cars or houses.

Insurance prepares for your retirement. When you are old, it ensures that you have enough pension, so that you don’t have to worry about money.

All of us only live once, so life is priceless. How to show our respect for life is worth thinking about for each of us.

If someone suggests you buy insurance, it means that you are still young and healthy. Don’t say you have no money. Just ask yourself: if there is an accident happening to you someday, who would be the one that you turn to?

As an insurance clerk, what he loses is just a single business and a sum of income if you don’t buy insurance. But what you lose is a guarantee and reliance. Your refusal at this moment is actually gambling on the future happiness of your family!

Don’t complain about the coldness of the world and the indifference of human nature when you are at the bottom of your life! None of them are wrong. What is wrong is that you are too confident that the risk would not happen to you! The biggest mistake is that you never make preparations in advance!

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